“You’ve probably had more bloody marys today than you’ve had all year.”

And at 3, I had.  Along with them came an idea for cocktail development!

Maybe that was because it’s Christmas day and we “deck the halls with boughs of holly” and have a “holly jolly Christmas”, etc., or maybe it’s because both oldies radio stations in town have been playing “Maybe Baby” (when not playing carols) a lot this week, but I really don’t know what made me say “Bloody Holly” today at lunch at the Encore’s Jardin, where I’d had the first libation. It was the “Red Snapper”, a variation adding gin, aquavit, and Old Bay seasoning to the usual Bloody Mary mix. The second two were at the Double Down Saloon, in family-like atmosphere.

The Bloody Holly would not have to served only at Christmas, that just adds another layer. It would be served in 50s themed places, rockabilly events, and the like.

I want to acknowledge Holly’s Texas roots, so, apart from my own Bloody Mary mix, products from the Lone Star State would be key.  And even in that mix, there would be dash of Texas style barbecue sauce. Tito’s or Deep Eddy brands are an obvious and accessible choices for vodka. However, if and when available, and of course upon tasting, I’d use Starlite Vodka, which Total Wine describes así: “Texas- Hill Country spring water, yellow corn and winter wheat are put through seven distillations and a proprietary filtration process to produce a smooth and easy drinking vodka. Peppery with brown sugar and dried citrus notes.” Sounds like the perfect flavors, right!? It also may have been one of those flash-in-the pan spirits, back when everyone and their uncles were distilling.

Recipe to follow…

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